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News & Announcements

New trader and some other changes!

Xuqi Admin posted Jan 20, 17

The last month a lot have changed on the server. Maybe even without you knowing it. And today we finally added the new trader - the AAC Airport Trader. This means that Gravia trader is no more. Gravia has been issue regarding campers because it was so close to military, which is why we decided to make a completely new trader. There will still be a fast travel inside the new trader aswell as in Gravia. But watch out. People might be camping there.


- New trader added

- Gravia removed

- If your vehicle is parked on the helipad for longer than 1 minute it will automaticly put it in your garage. This prevents someone from blocking off the helipads.

- Walls around Pyrgos removed. People tend to glitch in.

- You can now remove your flag by scrolling on it. It will delete all other objects in the territory after the upcoming restart.

- Raised locker limit to 300.000

- You now need to claim your money from the marketplace by the marketplace guy

- Added armed Quilin and Armed Prowler

- New safezone anti-theft - will throw anyone outside your group out of the vehicle as long as its in the safezone.

- Removed earthquakes

- Mission boxes are mountable to same vehicles as supply boxes

- Added recipe book to XM8

- Flip option on bike removed

- Extended bike spawn distance as it was a deathtrap

- 8G Network is online by default

Enjoy all the new good stuff! We will update you on future changes.

(If you can't connect verify your game files)


UK 111 Staff Team

Arma 2 servers (NOW CLOSED)

Xuqi Admin posted Dec 12, 16

After 4 years of running Arma 2 servers we are done. We will from now on and in the future focus solely on Arma 3.

We would like to thank everyone who previously played, was apart of staff or just been apart of this community. And I am really sorry that we are making so many players homeless. We do hope you'll try Arma 3 though. Through this transition we will also be making some changes in the staff team. This means that some will leave due to them being here for Arma 2. It is sad, but it can't be avoided. Arma 2 is not the future. It is the past. 

Now we have more time to focus solely on the good of our Arma 3 server. This is not the end of UK 111. Stay tuned.

Much of love

UK 111 Staff Team

Due to the issues the recent Arma 1.66 update has caused with Exile, we will be delaying the servers update until the bugs have been resolved within Exile.

For how to roll back your Arma 3 version click here

We're sorry for any inconvenience but given the bugs the update has brought, this is the best option for gameplay.